Manage PhD students smarter & faster

Glowbase brings together all your student information in a single, integrated platform that enables you to build a student-centred graduate school from admissions right through to the defence.

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15 + Universities
30 + Graduate programs
90K + Applications
24K + Academic activities

Our products

PhD Recruitment

Define what information candidates need to provide and get precisely what you ask for - nothing more and nothing less. The clean, unified look makes applications easy to compare and helps you quickly identify the most promising candidates.

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PhD Progress Tracking

Monitor and approve graded and non-graded work, such as courses, thesis committee meetings and research proposals. Our platform easily adapts to your established processes and schedules.

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Universities we worked with

Connect Anywhere

Collaborate with your colleagues wherever you are - in the office, at home or even while travelling to and from conferences. Rely on our world-class support which is there for you when you need it.

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