Your institution is unique - so is our offer!

Your requirements are probably very unique. That's why we don't have a generic price list. Instead, all our quotes are individually prepared in order to precisely meet your requirements.

Here are the steps to get a quote:

1) Introductory call

Contact us and schedule a first introductory call. The purpose of this call is to learn a bit more about each other and to get a better understanding of how a potential future collaboration could look like.

2) Enjoy a free demo

Schedule a date and enjoy a free presentation of your platform via video conference. If possible, ask your colleagues to attend the presentation as well. During this presentation, we will have a detailed look at the platform and discuss how it can be set up to meet your requirements.

3) Free test drive

After the presentation, we will set up a trial instance for you which you can test for free during 30 days.

4) Custom-made quote

Following the test drive, we will do a detailed review and define the corner stones of our future collaboration. Based on this information, we will prepare a custom quote for you.

5) Ready to go!

Once the quote has been approved and the contracts are signed, you are ready to go!

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Glowbase very much improved the effectivity of our application procedure.
Our PIs highly appreciate the individual and professional preparation of the data.

Dr. Heike Brandst├Ądter
General Manager Konstanz Research School Chemical Biology, University of Konstanz

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